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Questions and Answers

Finansim's comprehensive financial advice brings together all investments components, wherever they are. Our advice relates to the investment goals - advice on investment vehicles designed for financial security, advice on investment vehicles designed for long-term savings, and advice on investment vehicles designed for growth. Our financial advice also covers all bank accounts in Israel and abroad. Asset allocations are effected in one place by one advisor.

What Do You Mean by Independent Financial Advice?

The significance of independent financial advice lies in the degree of objectivity and transparency of the advisor. Finansim has no direct or indirect business involvement with the proposed investments.

Thus, the advisor does not receive performance fees associated with the investment and therefore is effective and objective and is devoid of ulterior motives that may affect his decision-making.

I Have Investment Accounts in Several Banks, and I Have to Work with Many Advisors and Do Get a Little Lost Among all of Them. How Can I keep my Money in the Banks but Without Having to talk to so Many People?

We at Finansim see our clients' big picture and offer advice on all financial assets, in all accounts. Each client speaks only with one adviser who is familiar with their financial needs and advises them on all types of investments. Each investment advisor at Finansim has access to dedicated financial software that incorporates the client's investment structure at all banks. The client receives a report detailing all investments, which takes into account his needs and the level of risk appropriate for the client. 


Today, Every Bank Offers Asset Allocation Programs and I Think that this is a Good Arrangement, Why Change It?

The fact that each bank advisor considers only the client's investments with that bank impairs his understanding of the client's overall situation and as a result may cause him to offer solutions that in many cases do not fit the client. Finansim sees the whole picture and therefore can choose to concentrate investments in the most suitable places for its clients while taking into account cost considerations, investment amounts and investment suitability.

I Have Excellent Terms for my Investment Account. Could any Switch to You Hurt It?

The opposite is true. We at Finansim coordinate very large-scale investments and therefore have reached agreements for extremely low costs for our clients. A switch to Finansim will improve the various fee terms and the management fees currently paid.

All Banks Offer More or Less the Same Investments. Why Switch to Your Advice?

Finansim's investment advisors are licensed by the Israel Securities Authority and have expertise in international investments and a universal-level portfolio viewpoint. Finansim considers investments in Israel and abroad at the same level of importance. In addition, our objective and independent advice causes us to be exposed to entities that we found to have strong management capabilities and because they are still growing. In other cases, we are exposed to quality hedge funds, which are able to diversify their investment portfolio and to provide good value in terms of return on risk.

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