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About Us

A Reliable Partner

All successful partnerships are based on trust. At Finansim, we gain client confidence by placing the client's interests at the head of our priorities. Finansim's investment counselors strive to understand your objectives and financial goals. Based on these insights, we develop a personal strategy that helps you to achieve your goals.

Financial Goals

Whether the goal is to protect capital, increase capital or to ensure financial security for the next generation, Finansim's investment counselors have the necessary expertise to achieve these goals. Finansim works closely with leaders in the areas of tax planning and pensions, to offer you a comprehensive package. Page 2 of 11


Private Wealth Management

Finansim's experienced investment counselors advise clients throughout the capital markets' various periods. During these periods, Finansim has developed meaningful insights that can affect your financial life. The following links will allow you to become aware of the Finansim Group's various and complementary activities, all of which require expertise and experience.

Special Benefits

One of the implications of being a private banking client is that you get the appropriate priority, from the standpoint of the nature of the services, in terms of services and advice provided, and no less important, benefits that correspond to the nature of the private banking client.

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